As one of the main countries for the production and export of charcoal, Indonesia not only uses charcoal for barbecue and heating but also applies charcoal products to daily production and diet. Therefore, commercial charcoal processing machines are very common in Indonesia. Put the burning charcoal to boil the coffee. Have you ever tasted this Indonesian specialty drink? Here, the charcoal machine manufacturer will introduce the characteristics of this Indonesian charcoal coffee.

Origin of Indonesian charcoal coffee

When it comes to coffee, I believe many people will not be unfamiliar. In today’s life, coffee is a relatively common drink, and cocoa and tea are the main drinks in the popular world. Coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. Nowadays, there are large and small cafes everywhere, and people always go in for a drink during their leisure time. So, how did charcoal coffee appear? Why is Indonesian charcoal coffee so popular? Why so many charcoal producer to buy the charcoal making machines for large yield charcoal production?

Indonesian coffee charcoal with the machine-made charcoal
Indonesian coffee charcoal with the machine-made charcoal

People who like to drink coffee should know about this charcoal roasted coffee, but have you ever seen local charcoal coffee in Indonesia? The practice of charcoal coffee is very different from the charcoal roasted coffee people usually see. Yogyakarta, Indonesia may be the only place in the world where coffee and charcoal mixes are available.

This coffee is called “Kopi Joss” and was invented by Mr. Mann, a local coffee shop owner in the 1960s. The current stall operator, Alex, said that that year, Mr. Man drank coffee as usual, and suddenly stared at the charcoal with boiling water. He had a bad stomach then, so he took a piece of charcoal and poured it into the coffee. It tastes really good, and it doesn’t hurt the stomach anymore. After experimenting in person, he decided to market this unique charcoal coffee.

Recipe for making charcoal coffee

The general process of making charcoal coffee is to grind the coffee first, add coffee powder and four spoons of sugar to the glass, and add boiling water. Then, pick up a pair of burning fiery charcoal with tongs and drop it into the cup. The high temperature of the charcoal can cause coffee to foam quickly and even spill out of the glass. Once the charcoal has cooled, we can take it out of the coffee and enjoy the flavor of the charcoal coffee.

airflow carbonization furnace
airflow carbonization furnace

Charcoal coffee has lower caffeine content than regular coffee because charcoal absorbs some caffeine. The special ingredients can also neutralize the acidity of coffee and make the stomach more comfortable. Indonesian charcoal coffee can help relieve bloating, nausea, heartburn or diarrhea. Although some people who have tried this unique coffee type claim it is nothing special. Others say it has a unique caramel flavor because hot charcoal roasts a portion of the sugar in the coffee, making the coffee taste milder.

Why Indonesian charcoal coffee is so popular?

  1. Indonesia’s biomass resources are very rich, such as wood, coconut shell, straw, etc. These agricultural and forestry resources are very suitable for the production of charcoal. Various new types of charcoal machines, such as shisha charcoal machine, charcoal briquette machine, and carbonization furnace, were introduced to Indonesia, which improved the efficiency of charcoal production. In addition, Indonesia produces and exports a large amount of charcoal each year, and there are many and cheap charcoal products on the market.
  2. Local Indonesians have the habit of drinking coffee daily, and coffee sales are relatively large. In addition, charcoal coffee is not only delicious but also has a unique health effect. As an Indonesian specialty product, charcoal coffee has attracted many foreign tourists and promoted local economic development.